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Important Sunburn Remedies Everyone Needs to Know

The sunburn is a problem especially during summer period, when you do everything to get a nice tan. We should be more cautious and avoid exposing ourselves to the sun during the hottest hours of the day. Often we do not pay attention to this rule and end up ruining our skin due to sunburn with a nasty pain all over our body.

Important Sunburn Remedies Everyone Needs to KnowRead all the important sunburn remedies everyone needs to know.

Remedies for Sunburn

There are sprays and creams to counter effect the sunburn and only in severe cases we recommend the use of anti-inflammatories. We recommend more than anything to take some other remedy. For example, to refresh the skin, it is good to take a relaxing bath, add a few tablespoon of baking soda or oatmeal water in the bathtub. It’s important to use the fresh water and leave the body and your skin dry itself, instead of using a towel.

You can use sunburn gel made from aloe vera.


The gel should be applied four or five times a day on the burned skin. The aloe vera gel can narrow blood vessels were dilated due to burn. Let us not forget that the essential rule to follow is hydration. It`s important fact to apply moisturizers on the scalded skin, to prevent flaking and that the skin becomes dry. At the same time we must take care to moisturize the whole body, by drinking plenty of water. There is a home remedy which we can use, especially if it is a slight sunburn: the potatoes. Should be cut into slices and applied on the part that hurts.

It’s good to act now against the burn, to avoid effects that can also be dangerous. Avoid sunburn in the name of skin health and general welfare.

Natural remedies for sunburn

  • When the temptation to take sunbathing without following rules or schedules just to clinch a perfect tan as soon as possible become irresistible, the consequences can be very “hot”. The burns are a dangerous drawback, when exposure to sunlight does not follow precise and precious caution rules. To address this problem, here are some natural ally, remedies offered directly from nature. If you have been exposed to sun, without adequate protection, protective cream suitable to your skin type, the consequences can become very “hot”. Luckily nature can provide really valuable remedies. To soothe the redness and burning, characteristic symptoms of sunburn, you may want a homeopathic remedy, Urtica urens granules 7 CH. 3 pellets every 10 minutes, for about an hour.
  • Another remedy is cold infused, flavored with some herbs, known for their anti-inflammatory, decongestant and soothing, such as calendula, mallow, lavender or chamomile. The preparation of the infusion is simple: put a teaspoon of fresh floral herb in a cup of boiling water; let steep for about ten minutes, then cool it with ice cubes.
  • Aloe vera is the perfect natural remedy in the event of scalding: you can make wraps with fresh aloe pulp, obtained by blending a plant leaf, famous since ancient times for its beneficial properties, peeled collected at the base of a plant of at least three years.

You can try our other natural remedies for sunburns, or simply prepare a homemade sunscreen.




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