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Here is how to test yourself, are you, and on what are you allergic?

Lately there are a growing number of people who have problems with allergies, and very often they are not aware of that.

Some of the following conditions are often caused by food allergies, including fat, digestive problems, fatigue, dizziness, high blood pressure, depression, asthma, constipation, anxiety, migraine, etc.

Before to deciding to go on the complicated and costly testing of food allergens, try this simple allergy test can do at home.

The test applies to food and drink. It is recommended during the test not to be under psychological pressure, and also, it is essential you to be completely healthy without colds, infections and other problems.

It is important not you ate a few hours before the test. Therefore, it is best to do the test in the morning before breakfast or coffee. During the test you need a watch on a clock with stopwatch and a piece in your mouth of food that you suspect that you are allergic. You need to sit back and completely relax.


How exactly to do the test
After 5 minutes resting, measure your pulse for 60 seconds. Pulse is best to measure on the wrist. After 60 seconds, record the exact value of the measured pulse. Again calm down and then take a small bite of food that you want to test. Bite hold it in your mouth, and you chew and occasionally depending on the type of food. After 60 seconds when you feel good the food, again measure the pulse for 60 seconds. For all the time have a bite in your mouth.

Make sure all of this, if you can, to do without the physical effort, everything that you need to be by your hands. If you stand up or if you move sharply, it will affect the heart and that is how you will fail the test. When you measure the pulse with food in your mouth, spit food and wash your mouth with water.

Compare the results before and after the measuring, if the heart rate is increased by 5 or more beats per second, you can write down that you are maybe potentially allergic to the exact food. Foods that you test, do to swallow.The same test can be done with other foods. Keep the recorded results and repeat testing the next day the same food. If twice your body responds by increasing the heart rate, it is likely that you are allergic to that food. Foods that you test do not mix with other food, or taking a few bites of different foods at the same time.

Make sure not to do the test near phones or children that will disturb you because external influences can raise the pulse by a few beats.

If you are a smoker, do not smoke for at least 2 hours before testing, because smoking increases heart rate to 10 beats per minute.




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