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Heart attack:Causes,Symptoms,Treatment

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Generally whenever we hear the word Heart attack, Most of us think about the happening things about the movie in that the sufferer hold his heart tightly and fall down in the floor but in Practical Life scenario were different.

By the end of this article you will get a brief idea about the heart attack and Secret symptoms of heart attack.

What is Heart Attack?

Heart attack is the health condition of heart, where our heart does not get enough oxygen to the muscles of heart.

What are the causes of Heart attack?

A coronary artery in the heart can build up the various plaque (waste) substances inside the heart, As because of the formation of waste substances increasing day by day hence it block the corner of blood inflows with waste materials and the result leads to coronary artery disease ,this is also one reason for Heart attack.

Here following below are few causes:

Life style

Nutrition intake or food habit


Working or health condition

Pressure or Force

Secret symptoms of Heart attack:

Shortness of breathe

JawBack Pain

Nausea and vomiting

Flu like symptoms



High Blood Pressure

Treatment of Heart attack:

Yes to control this chronic disease is quite a difficult task but it’s not an impossible task.

Here are some Healthy tips to keep your heart condition in a Healthy state.

Nutritious Food:

As usual first thing to be discussed here is about food, Food plays an key role for charging the entire system of the body including the heart attack, so try to Include the nutritious food in your diet ,If you are unsure about the choices of healthy food then give a time to consult the dietitian and make healthy choices of food which is good for your health.


It also plays an important role for the well development of immune system, Because If we are staying at negative or stressful environment then the result will definitely give the negative impact on our health, so try to leave in a happy and Positive environment.


Stress or mental tension sometimes give the negative impact on health, You might think what rubbish talk how stress can Lead to heart attack, But it’s not a rubbish talk it’s a fact if we are thinking more the stress nerves of neuron which Present in our brain, sometimes slowdown or stop working due to the disturbances created in nerves by stress and the result Leads for the cause of Poor signal transmission between body and heart, so this is the way how stress is linked with heart attack.

So for the better health condition just don’t take stress and don’t disturb the nerves of neurons by taking too much stress, don’t stop the work flow of entire function in the body.


Do exercise on regular basis for better health condition of physical and mental condition.

Exercise will helps to increase the flow of blood circulation, which in turn leads to Promoting the healthy environment inside the body.

Here above are the few solution and Preventive steps for heart attack condition, for every disease condition there is simple solution life Eat good food ,do exercise ,Don’t take stress and Live healthy and happily this is simple key for healthy life.




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