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Health Benefits of the World’s Stinkiest Fruit!


Found in Thailand, the Durian fruit looks like a well-armored fighter against the world at large. Its outside is covered in sharp spikes, which rest on a hard husk that is difficult to break through. Beyond that however, is a smooth inside with a very unusual taste. The Durian fruit contains potassium, fibre, iron and both Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex. It helps regulate blood pressure, clear up constipation issues and also builds muscle strength. The nervous system and the immune system both get a boost when an individual consumes this fruit regularly. Also, red blood cells have the necessary nutrients to form more efficiently. Still, the smell of the fruit when ripe reminds people of roadkill, making it slightly less appealing.

Complex Taste

Described as an engrossing fruit, Durian has two dozen varieties, some of which have gone extinct due to a lack of appreciation by humans. The smell and hard outer shell make it a fruit that deters people easily. The taste, described as a mix of apricot, egg custard, carmelized banana and hazelnut, is something that can grow on a person but rarely is appreciated on the first try.

Unique Texture

The inside of the Durian fruit is pale yellow and has a creamy texture, which can be appealing to some and another reason to avoid the fruit like the plague for others. It is a distinct contrast to the tough outer shell and the sharp points that cover that shell.


Elephants Love It

Elephants in Thailand crush the fruit and eat it entirely. The outside is covered in sharp spikes over a husk shell, and it still is consumed easily and quickly by the elephant.

Fat, Calories and Tryptophan

The Durian fruit contains a lot of healthy fats and the beneficial calories that can help you feel full more quickly. The dowside is that adding this fruit at too many meals can lead to weight gain. The fruit also contains tryptophan, which is the chemical found in turkey at Thanksgiving. It helps the body get sleep more naturally and without the aid of an over-the-counter medication.

Thiamin and Folate

For those who need more thiamin, which helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, adding this fruit to the menu can be a good idea. For those who need folate to help prevent heart disease, keep your brain functioning and help your baby develop if you are pregnant, this fruit is a good choice as it provides one-fifth of the daily recommended requirement. With all of these benefits, it is hard to balance your strong aversion to the smell and the difficulty of breaking through the husk. Just remember that if elephants can eat it shell and all, then you can certainly take out the creamy inner flesh to enjoy the multiple benefits listed. Give the fruit a shot, and you may be surprised how much you enjoy its consumption. Be careful where you take it in Thailand and other areas of Southern Asia, however, as it is banned due to its smell.




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