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Have You Heard About Crassula?

According to some beliefs of Eastern teachers, there are plants that bring more money to the household, namely, attracting energy wealth and prosperity.

It is believed that the presence of plants in the room of money has a positive effect on business and the owner brings a better prosperity. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for office, and in some Asian countries is even transmitted from generation to generation.

Feng shui experts explain that almost every beautiful, green, vibrant plant can be a plant of money, because the essence of a good energy that it produces.

However, one of the most famous plants that bring money is crassula.

Japanese tree, dollar tree, parac, krasula … the plant is called Crassula ovata. It was named after the oval-shaped leaves that resemble coin money.

It belongs in the group of succulent plants (leaves are fleshy, store water). It can reach a height of up to 3m, although such examples of something rarer. Crassula blossom in winter, until spring, and has tiny white flowers. The soil, which is to be used to plant is the same as for cacti and other succulents (40% sand, 20% of forest humus, 20% of the soil of flowers, and the rest gravel, perlite, broken bricks).


Like most succulents, require winter hibernation (October to April) when the plant should be watered with little water, 1-2 times throughout the winter.

The temperature during this period should not fall below 0 but is ideal around 10C.

It does not require a big pot, but if you provide it with a bigger pot with additional nutrition crassula will grow faster.

There are two modes of reproduction. The first is to cut a twig (5-15cm), leave to dry for 2-3 days and then planted in a mixture of soil and sand (50/50) or clean sand.

Water it in 3-4 days. It is important that the soil is not always wet because the cuttings rot.

Cuttings will take root in less than a month ago, when you can plant them separately in a better soil.

The percentage of rooted cuttings was almost 100%. Another way is the leaf. Leaf just need to tear off and lay on the ground. In less than a month, it will have roots in the area where it was attached to the branch.

According to belief (feng shui), the plant should be kept on the right side of the front door in order to have more money.




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