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Foods that help to relieve pain Fast

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whenever we feel pain first thing we usually do these two option, either we go for a medical store or else we will take the pills or drug available at home ,these  options may give the result effectively but did you know it creates a side effect ,for example if we are taking the pills of headache it might give ultimate result but aside we feel Lazy and sometimes we may go into deep sleep, So it’s better to avoid drug taking option  or else walking towards any pharmacy center ,Yes only in the emergency condition we can have it but nowadays people used to go towards medical store for a simple reason like headache, so be aware such people use the drug or pills only in the necessary condition.

Foods that help to Relieve Pain :

Here are certain foods to Relieve Pain


Caffeine plays an important role in combating with pain; it distracts our body entirely from feeling pain during a specific task.

Caffeine food such as tea, Soft drink and chocolate can help in relieving from the pain.

Fish Oil:

It has been reported that omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil helps in reducing the pain and stiffness ,Here the fish oil contained names are salmon ,tuna and halibut, A food quality fish oil can be seen in flax seeds.



When this ingredient has tested in laboratory, it has been found that it contain the compound to fight with inflammation, If you are someone with an active style then it’s must suffering from muscle aches.

Olive Oil:

Do you know why Mediterranean people have fewer issues in health condition especially in terms of inflammation, It’s to strange right but its fact ,yes this happen because Mediterranean diet contain rich amount of olive oil, that is why ?Olive oil works as an excellent source of pain reliever, In additional it also helps in reducing the issues of cancer.


It is a type of herb that works effectively on any kind of health issues condition. Aside from its ability, it also helps in fighting with the pain killer and it can be used as a painkiller, It has been proved medically that boil the sage leaves in boiling water and add it to the tea for a better relief from a pain.


The cayenne is the cousin of hot pepper, it is the basic ingredient required for painkiller.




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