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Feeling Sleepy Always What to do?

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Being the human being it’s a normal thing to have feelings like laziness, coziness, Sleepiness but the most important thing is to be remembered is everything should be done at a particular time.

Are you Feeling sleepy always then don’t worry ,You are not alone there are several persons who are feeling the same thing ,Those who are hunting for the particular causes and solution to overcome from the sleepiness problem for them this article is very beneficial.

What  are the Causes for feeling Sleepy Always?

Here are certain factors, which is responsible for sleepiness:

Excessive eating

Having no proper sleep at required time

After doing hard work


How to overcome from the problems of Sleepy?

Doing the regular Exercise

Going for a walk

Eat the nutritious food at a particular time in a required portion.

Healthy Advice to overcome From Sleepy Always:

Whenever you feel sleepy then take a long walk around your comfortable place and drink a cup of tea to boost your energy in order to bring back our mood from inactive state to active state and the regular consumption of drinking tea on regular basis helps in bounce back the work with the double force.

Be remember don’t eat more than the required amount of food hence make a plan before the night and include the nutrition food into your die, To stay away from sleepiness always eat less.

Do the meditation and yoga during early morning and have a cool feel and essence of fresh breath air,In order to keep your mind in peace state,Do the breathing exercises such as inhaling of air and exhale of air ,In order to keep calming down the nerves of brain and stay away from the mental tension.

Whenever you feel sleepiness just listen to soothing music which helps in bringing back the mood from inactive state to active state .




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