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Banish Your Double Chin with These 5 Simple Exercises

Having a double chin doesn’t mean you’re fat. This is a condition where subcutaneous fat deposits and accumulate around the neck hence sagging downwards and leading to the formation of a wrinkle.

The victim of this will however appear like owning another chin.

Chin fat can result from weight gain, aging and genetics. If your double chin is a result of weight gain, diet and exercise may reduce the appearance of chin fat as you shed pounds.

5 Moves to Reduce a Double Chin

Double chin formation is something pesky among many people. It can be that frustrating and many would wish to know how they can deal with this condition.

While there are surgical procedures that can eliminate a chin fat, they can be expensive. There are many simple home treatment options to get rid of a chin fat that are pocket-friendly and painless.
The following ways will help you on how to get rid double chin in an easy and fast manner.


Countless people have found relief from this problem by doing exercises designed to eradicate the double chin. Basically, there are five easy exercises. (Watch the video below).

Double chin exercises is the best way get rid of double chin. Through this exercise the face and jaw muscles are acted upon and they become firm and tight.

This will prevent the sagging effect of the face and its parts. Double chin exercise directly affects the platysma muscle.

Home Remedy for a Double Chin

Cocoa Butter treatment

Cocoa butter has agents that straighten and tighten a wrinkled skin. Begin by warming it in a microwave. Gently apply a small amount round the chin region and massage to make it get absorbed.

Keep doing this every day before you go to bed and after morning shower. Continuous repetition for about three months will make your skin elastic and free from wrinkles thus removing the double chin (Beautyclue).




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