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6 New Superfoods of 2016 That will Improve Your Life

With the main benefits ranging from regulating metabolism, to burning fat,lowering cholesterol and even blood pressure — the call for newer, better, stronger superfoods is in high demand.

These new superfoods are great ones to add to your shopping list in 2016, both because they bring something new to your diet and because they’re great for your health.

6 New Superfoods of 2016 That will Improve Your Life

1. Seaweed

It’s soon to be the world’s most popular superfood after research from The National Academy of Sciences of the USA found it’s high in something missing from almost every other food on the planet: iodine (1).

It also boasts anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Teff

This Ethiopian gluten-free crop has tiny seeds that are high in calcium, iron, protein and amino acids. The grain can substitute any wheat flour based recipe to make anything from pizza bases to waffles.



It’s high resistant starch content is also good for blood sugar management, weight control and colon health and it also contains albumins, the primary protein in blood plasma, making it a good alternative to eggs for vegetarians and vegans (2).

3. Kefir

It has more protein and less sugar than yogurt, but with the same creamy texture, tangy taste, and probiotics. These healthy bacteria are a known immune enhancer, and may protect against colon cancer.

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4. Kohlrabi

This ‘turnip cabbage’ is an exceptionally rich source of vitamin C which is vital for healthy connective tissue, teeth and gums and boosts immunity.

5. Barley

This sweet, nutty supergrain is rich in niacin (for healthy hair and skin) and cancer-fighting lignans. Plus, the soluble fiber keeps your cholesterol levels healthy, cutting your risk for heart disease.

6. Black Pudding

Blood sausage is going to become a superstar in 2016 as it’s packed with protein and practically carb free. It’s also rich in iron and zinc – two minerals frequently missing from modern diets.




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