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25 benefits of Castor Oil you most dont Know, read and Share!



  1. Allergies disappear if you take five drops of castor oil each morning.
  2. Wounds, cuts and bruises heal fast if are treated with castor oil.
  3. Massaging the belly with castor oil in the last two months of pregnancy prevents stretch marks.
  4.  The injured wrist is healed rapidly if it wrapped in a castor oil and left overnight.
  5.  It was noted a significant reduction in hearing loss by dripping castor oil in the ear.
  6. A cataract can be cured by dripping one drop of oil before bedtime every night.
  7. There has been noticed loss of pilonidal cysts using castor oil.
  8. Brown spots can be whitened with a mixture of castor oil and baking soda.
  9. Facilitate severe ocular allergies rubbing castor oil in the eyelids before bedtime.
  10. Reduce the pain in the lower back using a castor oil once a week.
  11. Prevent chronic diarrhea putting lining on ​​the belly.
  12. With a daily usage of linings on the neck for three months can be removed nodules on the vocal cords and chronic hoarseness.
  1. There has been a complete disappearance of tinnitus if are taken orally 6-8 drops of castor oil daily for four weeks.
  2. Hyperactivity can be treated using castor oil linings on the belly.
  3.  Warts disappear after four-week lubrication of castor oil.
  4. Calcium deposits on the sole disappear with a daily massage with castor oil.
  5. There has been noticed disappearance of skin cancer after application of castor oil and baking soda.
  6. Snoring stops after a two-week application of a castor oil on the abdomen.
  7. Bee stings heal fast after applying castor oil.
  8. Hair growth can boost with a daily massage with castor oil for twenty minutes before shampooing.
  9. It has been observed rapid healing of hepatitis using castor oil.
  10. Nail fungus can be eliminated with the daily use of a coating on the diseased areas.
  11. It is helpful in the process of recovering of alcoholism.
  12. Regular external application of castor oil helps removing melanoma.
  13. It was noted an improvement in health in the terminal phase of cancer using a castor oil.



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