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12 Unusual Uses Of Toothpaste

The toothpaste is a product for the care of personal hygiene, that over the years has become crucial in the life of each of us. Finding the best way to take care of teeth and to fight a large number of bacteria that can attack and weaken them, the toothpaste has evolved compared to when it was invented. Nowadays there are different types of toothpaste, which meet the different needs of consumers and offer unique protection that prevents the formation of the disease on teeth.

12 Unusual Uses Of ToothpasteHowever, in addition to being a product essential for the care and health of teeth, the toothpaste and its components can be used for many household chores. Here we want to share with you 12 unusual uses of toothpaste.

Remove stains of ink or marker

When they follow their creativity, children make a mess and colored with ink or with markers every surface in front of them. For this, it may happen to spoil your favorite clothes, color the walls or create a series of spots that can be difficult to eliminate. To facilitate this work of cleaning and removing stains , simply apply a little bit of toothpaste on the stained area, let stand a few minutes and wipe it with a soft sponge.

Mirror cleaning

While you shower, the steam can tarnish your mirrors and avoid that you see well, for example when you have to shave. To prevent that from happening, rub a bit ‘of toothpaste on the mirror for more comfortable use.

To clean

Clean the bathroom fittings and kitchen will be much easier if you use toothpaste. This product will help you to make them sparkle and, at the same time, it will disinfect them. To do this, apply a little toothpaste, rub well and let stand a few minutes.

Fight acne

This is perhaps one of the most popular unusual uses of toothpaste and is also quite effective in many cases. The toothpaste can help to dry out the pus caused by acne, reduce excess fat and eliminate pimples. You only need to apply a small amount of toothpaste directly to the affected area and let it stand for a few minutes. This remedy is not suitable for all skin types, so it is good to use it with caution.

Clean your nails

In the nails accumulates dirt of all kinds, regardless of the work you do every day. If you want to deep clean your nails and keep them free from bacteria, simply apply a little toothpaste and solve the problem.

Freshener hands

If your hands are imbued with strong odors such as garlic, onions and other foods, simply apply toothpaste plentiful to neutralize odors and eliminate them permanently.


Clean the jewelry

The components of the toothpaste are particularly appropriate to whiten and clean the jewelry, as well as other metal accessories. You have to wipe them with a little bit of toothpaste and rinse with warm water.

Repair CD

With the passage of time, the lack of attention or frequent use, such as CD s, DVDs get scratched and the content of these disks is altered. One trick to repair them is to pass on the surface with toothpaste and clean cloth.

Car maintenance

Little bit of toothpaste can also be a good solution to fill the discolored parts of the car.

Wounds, burns and stings

It’s not a bad idea to include the toothpaste in your medical kit, because it’s refreshing and is great for relieving pain caused by burns, to reduce the itch of bites and to combat certain types of dermatitis.

Clean the piano

Dust, environmental exposure and contact with our hands can make the piano keys lose their brilliance and yellowing, dirty sounding. To ensure that your piano continues to shine, clean the keys with a little bit of toothpaste.

Eliminate bad odors of animals

The smell of the hair of your pets can sometimes be annoying and difficult to eliminate. To neutralize these odors can dilute a bit of toothpaste with water and sprinkle on the fur of your pets. Another option is to apply directly on your dog’s coat while you bath him, toothpaste in small amounts, and then use your regular shampoo.




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