Monday , December 18 2017


Body Tricks

Read these interesting tricks for your body that will help you in many situations. These will help you to reduce pain, reduce discomfort, avoid headaches, and just ease a bunch of physical issues we need to deal with every day!

  1. If you have itchy throat, scratch your ear.trick for itchy throat
  2. If you are at a loud party, and you can’t hear well your interlocutor through the speaker phone. Try to use your right ear, because the right ear has the capability for faster collection of sounds. The left ear it’s better to receive musical tones.
  3. If you have a strong physiological need, and you don’t have anywhere near a toilet. Until you get to the toilet, have sexual fantasies that will preoccupy your brain and distract your attention.
  4. You can reduce the needle injection pain with coughing. Coughing increases the pressure in your spinal canal, thereby limiting the pain which is scheduled to travel to the brain.
  5. Stuffy nose and sinuses. Press with the tip of your tongue on the upper palate of the mouth and press your finger between the eyebrows. Repeat this 20 times. With this you can prevent even the hiccup but you should press both eyebrows with the thumb and index finger.trick for stuffy nose and sinuses
  6. If you have fed a lot and you feel sleepy, lie on your left side. It will keep you from spilling over the gastric acid because the stomach will remain lower than the esophagus.
  7. You can reduce the toothache if you rub your hand with ice cube. Treat the back of the hand, in the area of cuticle between the thumb and forefinger, which stimulates the part of the brain which is responsible for the pain in the mouth.
  8. If you have overreached with alcohol and you feel dizzy – lean with your hand on something stable. Alcohol dissolved in the blood is upsetting the balance function which is placed in the middle ear. Putting your hand on something stable will give your brain another reference point and thus the world will turn less.
  9. If you are nervous blow your thumb. Vagus nerve controls the heart rate, and it can calm the breathing.trick for heart rate
  10. If you want to stay longer underwater while you diving, instead of taking a big breath, breathe rapidly with short breaths before you go dive. Thus secures an additional 10 seconds.



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