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Natural Product Against Bronchitis, Asthma And Persistent Cough

Set of alternative remedies for flu treatment including lemon, garlic and honey.


We present you the recipe for traditional medicine that will alleviate cough and shortness of breath …

Take a tablespoon of this medication before each meal and solve the troubles with breathing,

It is necessary to:


7 tablespoons honey

juice of 2 lemons

500 g brown sugar or 2 cups maple syrup

500 g onion

6 cups water


In a large fry pan brown sugar, then add chopped onion. Cook for a few minutes, then add the water.Cook over medium heat until it evaporates water 1/3, then pan set aside to cool slightly.

Mix lemon juice with honey, then add the cooled syrup and stir everything well. Leave a drug that night, but by morning, strain and pour healing liquid in a glass bottle.




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