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How to improve your memory? Choose the right diet!

If you often forget where you have put something or you can’t remember somebody’s name, you would like to find out how to improve your memory. Memory loss in older people is often due to poor circulation of blood in the brain and lack of mental stimulation. But there are also many other reasons which can be the cause for poor memory, such as: Atype of anemia,depression,chronic fatigue syndrome,poor nutrition,excessive alcohol consumption and so on. To lower the risk of memory loss due to poor blood circulation you should be active for at least half an hour every day and you should stop smoking.
The diet has a great impact on the brain function and this is why we have to eat healthy.


-Eat smaller meal portions but more frequently to maintain the level of sugar in the blood because it is very important for unimpeded brain function.
-Consume more integral cereals,nuts,seeds,fruits,vegetables because they contain a lot of calcium,iron,iodine,magnesium,selenium,essential fatty acids,plant pigments and vitamins B,C and D.These substances are important to keep the brain healthy and to provide it with sufficient blood supply.

-Eat fish at least three times per week; it is rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are necessary for the brain.
– Don’t drink a lot of alcohol.
– Doing some quick moves for half an hour every day will maintain the necessary level of blood in the brain for the next 24 hours, and it will also help you to sleep better.




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