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An apple a day may save your life

Apples can prevent heart attack and is presumed to be a lot more useful than the statin (a drug taken to reduce cholesterol).

 Scientists from Oxford University argue that people over 50 who consume an apple a day can be much healthier than those who started taking drugs.
They calculated that the addition of apple in the daily diet will reduce or prevent 8,500 heart attacks a year in Britain.

If we calculate globally, the figure will be huge! The benefits are similar to those patients who had started with regular therapy against high cholesterol.


Doctors performed certain calculations that showed a huge difference. Consumption of fruits in older people, can save lives.
More than half of potential patients who have above-average levels of cholesterol would have benefited if they eat an apple instead of a pill.
Also, adults over age 50 are more prone to diseases, therefore, the apple would allow a stronger immune system and healthier diet.

One piece of fruit and vegetables a day reduces the risk of heart attack by 12%. This percentage applies to people who already have heart problems.
Any eaten apple reduces the risk by 12%. According to these data, just buy an apple and you try to insert into the daily diet!




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