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7 great tips to control hunger

Are you sure you want to start a diet ? Hooray, you have more time for serious changes. But the decision to start a diet is the easy part, controlling hunger is the hard one. Hunger is also the reason why most give up the idea- they simply can not handle it. We have excellent tips on how to beat hunger and keep a healthy diet .

7 great tips to control hunger

Eat at least 5 meals a day– if you don’t eat you are hungry and when you are hungry there is nothing that can stop you from not eating. Because diets that have limited and very few calories fail – you simply are no longer able to control hunger. If you regularly eat at least 5 times a day in smaller portions, your body will be happier and satisfied and you can easily tolerate a lower number of calories you eat. It is also easier for your body to provide the nutrients it needs and will further maintain the level of sugar in the blood and it will be easier for you to control appetite.

Do not skip meals.We already realized that it is very important to bring more small meals, but it is also important not to skip meals. It may seem a good idea, because fewer meals mean less calories, but unfortunately the truth is much more complicated than that. Once you skip a meal, your blood sugar in the blood falls, which means it is much harder to control appetite – this of course leads to overeating. Low levels of blood sugar also don’t allow you to concentrate, and therefore you will be tired and less productive.


Do not avoid vegetables You already know that vegetables are good for you, so there is not any good reason to avoid them. But there is another good reason why you should include vegetables in your daily diet – it is rich in fiber, and fiber intake is a great way to help you control hunger. The fibers fill your stomach, thus reducing hunger. Vegetables are low in calories so it is an excellent choice for your diet. If you really want to improve your diet try eating broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and mushrooms. They are all rich in fiber and have very few caloriesStart eating whole grains If you often eat processed carbohydrates , it is likely that you are constantly hungry. Processed carbohydrates usually lack nutrients and contain low-fiber , so it does not saturate . At the same time , they cause blood sugar levels to rise quickly and then a to fall back in short time, which can cause significant changes in your energy and appetite .
Whole-grain food is much better and healthier choice and helps you control your appetite and your weight . What’s great is that you can eat whatever you want: bread , pasta or rice – as long as you use whole grain products instead of white .

Provide enough time for each meal. We all know that time is very important and that
we all lack it, but try taking enough time for your meals- it is very important. Your brain needs time to get the message that your stomach is full and if you do not give it time – then you overeat.
Таке time and slowly eat your meals. Avoid eating while watching TV or reading magazines- because you will be distracted . Instead , be concentrated on what you eat and try to enjoy every bite – you’ll be rewarded.

Sleep enough losing weight while you sleep? It sounds very good to be true,right? Some studies show that people who sleep only 5 hours each night are prone to obesity and are overweight comparing to those who sleep 7 to 9 hours.You might go to bed earlier tonight?

Drink more water There is a simple tip that you’ve probably heard it a million times, but it really works: drink more water. It is the healthiest , cheapest and simplest way to reduce weight.
Water will fill the stomach and it will suppress your appetite. It is also very important to know that we can often mix hunger with thirst . When you feel hungry , you first go and have a glass of water , then wait 10-20 minutes- it is likely that hunger will disappear .




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