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10 facts for cancer, the one of the most dangerous disease on the planet

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Cancer unfortunately didn’t avoid anyone. Young, old, rich, poor, man, woman, kids… it’s expecting the number of diagnoses for one of the deadliest disease in the world, to rice up %70 in the next two decades, states World   Health Organization. It claims that more than %60 from illness people of cancer are from Africa, Asia and Central and Southern America. Because of that World Health Organization decide to mark of 10 facts for cancer that we should know.

1. There is more than 100 types of cancer and each part of body can he target.

2. In 2008 7.6 billion people died from cancer, which means %13 of total number of dead people in the world in that year.

3. Around %70 from dead cases from this disease are happening in the countries with low and medium revenues.

4. At man’s mostly is diagnosed cancer on lung, stomach, liver and esophagus

5. At woman’s mostly is diagnosed breast cancer, lung, and stomach.

6. Smoking is reason for %22 from dead cases connected with cancer. This is also most common cause on which you can to which can be applied preventively.


7. Fifth of all cases of cancer in the world are caused from some chronic infections. Let’s say, virus HIV can cause cancer on throat of uterus, while hepatitis B can cause cancer of liver.

8. Breast cancer, cancer of throat of uterus and cancer of colon can heal completely if detected on time.

9. May reduce the pain to all patients, with applications of the lasts funding’s and palliative care.

10. Can prevent more than %30 from cancer cases, and World Health Organization is state some of the ways of prevention:

Denying of smoking

Healthy food

Physical activity

Moderate use of alcohol

In modern countries, %20 of deaths caused of cancer can be caused can be prevented with immunization against hepatitis B and HIV virus.




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